Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jones Family Pictures

My Mom always tells the story about how she only has 2 pictures of herself under the age of 5. Which is why for as long as I can remember we have taken family pictures every year. This has become a huge production and stress! So we kinda skipped it for the past little while justifying it by saying we would take a picture at the 2 weddings that have happened in the past 2 years.... Yeah we didn't. I love photography and I absolutely loathe studio posing and sets, but Klair decided this year she wanted to do family pictures at Sears. All I had to do was show up and look good....
Each kid was given a different color, Kyle was wearing orange because he's in Motorcycle mechanic school and hopes to work on Harleys. Klair and Sean are in pink because she is pregnant with a girl. I'm in blue and Kadi red because those are the colors we picked (meaningful huh?)

Oh yeah, I dyed my hair red. I love it!

Three sisters. I've kinda always thought of us as vanilla, caramel and chocolate based on our coloring.

This is our classic sibling pose. We have been dog piling the boy since Kadi was a baby. Klair had to stay out whining something about needing to protect her belly or something ridiculous. I think that we will probably be dog piling Kyle in family pictures until we start needing hip replacements

Something good....I got a new cozy bathrobe for Christmas. I love bathrobes!

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