Friday, March 9, 2012

I have no idea

What exactly did I do this week? Don't know

Actually I have mental pictures in my head, at the court house, work, broadway musical, interview for a new job.... but seriously if you asked me details I couldn't give you any.

I sat tonight and felt suddenly like I woke up. I'm completely exhausted but my brain finally woke up. And what has happened? What happened to my life? And I don't mean the past month, I mean the past 3 years.... When did I quit the hospital? Where did Rex go? Why haven't I been to school in so long? Am I in trouble for missing tests? Um, when did Beckham loose his chubby cheeks? When did Sydnee's legs get so long? What do you mean I'm not friends with Liss? Ryan Jorgensen came back? We couldn't find him for years! How is he?What do you mean he and I are divorcing? How many tattoos do I have now?

This happens occasionally, I almost have an out of body experience combined with amnesia. I wake up, wonder who is in charge of my life, then go back to the robot moving forward.

Right now though, I wish I had answers to some of my questions. Why won't Motrin do something for this constant rockin headache. Why did I bite all my nails off past the quick?

Best question? What is going to happen next?

I have no idea, if you know, please help a girl out!

I need a hug, too bad I hate people touching me.

Something good.... I wish I had something I could focus on and write here right now, but seriously if this headache doesn't abate soon, I won't be able to complete a sentence.

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  1. Here is a virtual hug! *the plus is I am not even touching you!;) hope you feel better soon