Saturday, January 21, 2012

So much bull

Working nights can sometimes SUCK!!! But it has always worked out better for my kids so I do it (mostly) happily. But after a certain time of night, there is nothing to do.... Which is why there will be not ONE but TWO amazing, deep, emotion wrenching posts (because I think talking about my hair is obviously emotional for everyone)

Literally I got nothin, no words of profound wisdom. No insights where the world suddenly feels right again. Currently I'm kinda on non-emotional auto pilot. I have been accused of being an ice queen before, of it being creepy that I can know or have something horrible going on and I'm unfazed. Not going to lie, it's a gift, and it's been well honed.

So let's go back to the moment when I SWORE (and haven't lived up to) that this was going to be the blog where I was honest about my life. Of not only posting the happy, letsholdhandsandskip moments. I seriously haven't lived up to that. Some of it is that I seem to go on hiatus from anything electronic from time to time, the other is that if I posted the honest truth then people out in blogland (blogworld, blogtropolis? We should really decide a name) would be going WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!

ANNNND since I don't exactly know what I'm doing I shall sit and continue to only post amazingly beautiful pics of myself (but seriously, have you seen me? I'm hot!)

AHH I love 5am and how full of BS I can be!

Let's see what's happened lately I should put in my open to the world like I'm Dougie Howser journal??

I love my Mommy, I've had a lot of trying issues and those will continue but I really feel love and reassurance that I'm supported lately. I really appreciate it and need to make sure I write it down so I and everyone else can remember that.

I love my Dad, love that even though he's not much of a talker he brings me lunch and Syd gatorade when she's sick.

Sydnee was cast as Sleeping Beauty (so fitting) for her school play

It was Rex's bday this week, so shout out to him.... It was a bronco!

My sister Klair is the sweetest girl ever who frequently sends me texts to tell me she loves me (she's one of my three blog readers, the others being my Mother and who knows)

This is kinda turning gushy.... weird....

I got an awesome VS pants and sweater set (thanks Ry) Since I only have to wear scrubs to part of my job and the other times it doesn't matter I LIVE in PINK sweats! I have come to consider wearing jeans as dressing up.

Coming to AZ in a few weeks, baby showers (as in plural) for my sister.

One of my lifelong best friends Liss got married, and I'm very happy for her

My girly Emily got engaged. I've been "mentoring" her time to time with her boyfriend. (But seriously? Who listens to me when it comes to relationships? I make horrible relationship decisions!) But either way, I love her and her fiance is awesome so they should be great!

And now if you've skipped my rambling and just like to see pictures (I'm totally guilty of that reading other people's blogs)




Bday boy Ace.... HAHAHAHA tried to find something embarrassing for him! But can ya blame me for having 2 kids with that guy? But seriously, glad we can be friends when needed. SO happy he's really been stepping up to be closer to the kids! If only he knew the difference between a scout and a bronco!

AH my brain at now 6AM, is really random!

Something good.... 1 more hour then I ZZZZzzzzz! To wake up 4 hours later to go back to work! I might be a workaholic

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