Saturday, January 21, 2012

Like a teenager

I was told the other week that I change my hair more than anyone else this person knew. Why thank you! Quite the compliment! Once in high school choir I was actually voted cutest hair. But honestly, I get bored and I'm not going to pierce something or ink myself to change, so my hair becomes my canvas.

After I dyed my hair orange for Halloween with the wash out dye, it stayed orange. I tried to fix it but I was going to kill it to get it back to blond so I decided to go red. And late one night while sitting on my couch I then transformed into a teenager and took some self pics of my new redness.

Is it surprising that my children don't even notice when I change my hair anymore? Not one word.

Goofy smile!

Something good.... I love my Kindle Fire, but the fact that I can download books instantly is kinda not so good for my bank account!

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