Monday, January 23, 2012


I have a million pictures and usually when someone else has photos I hound until I get them. But I found one that I'm really excited about....

 My Dad has an online photo album and while looking through it I found this picture of Becks. Still in the hospital and truly showing what a large almost 9lb moose I pushed out of my body. Sydnee was 5lb and was 6 weeks premature, Rex was almost 11lb so I was a little scared having a baby at term. And was I right!! Syd was 3 pushes and literally laughing at Rex's freaking out face, Beckham was 3 hours of pushing while I kept passing out. After that I couldn't move for days. So there aren't a lot of pics of Beckham in the hospital. So I was happy to see a cute pic of my baby boy.

The only other pic I have is one as he was being bathed, it's the bottom left pic

Those cheeks only got bigger! Becks couldn't close his mouth because his cheeks were too big. 

I know I say it a lot but Beckham is my happiness. I was not very happy when I found out I was pregnant. I thought it was the worst timing and literally the night before we had a conversation about it and decided to wait. I sobbed when I found out, while Rex was thrilled. I really kinda freaked out for most of his pregnancy, I had a hard time bonding. But the moment he finally came into the world I started crying because of how much I loved him and I snuggled him last night as he was sleeping and still feel that same love. Heavenly Father really knew better than I did in sending my red haired, chunky baby into my life. The red hair is gone, he can close his mouth now, but if possible I love him even more.  

My kids are the reason for everything I do. Being a parent is one of the greatest callings I will ever have. It changes your entire being. When you only have one child you constantly wonder if you will love the next one as much because your heart is already full. Having another baby just makes your heart grow. My Becks is my little man, always wants to hug his Mommy, he's fiercely loyal to his girls (Syd and I) he's always happy, so funny, he's just love!

Something good... got tickets for my girls night with Krystal to American Idiot! So excited! I've been a musical buff forever so every time I get tickets I feel giddy!

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