Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Most of the time I try to embrace the fact that I have hula hips. I'm proud of my heritage and realize with that brings the genetics of being a poly. But having friend who are 100lb dripping wet (not even 90lb with Fawn) can sometimes kinda be havoc on my okness with my size. I just need to kick my butt in gear to be my best me. I LOVE working out, I love how I feel, what it does to my body. But I've been getting lazy lately. It took me FOREVER to lose weight after having the kids, but I finally got there. But I need to kick it back up again, my favorite jeans are a little too tight. So I'm posting my motivation! Reasons and moments when I was really putting in the time and I felt great!

This was one semester before graduation. Oh and I read all those books cover to cover
My 26th birthday. I really love working out my legs and I miss my calves looking like that

In high school I played softball, my body has changed so much from having babies but it's always something to aspire to.

These are my favorite jeans. I don't really know why just that I always love when I wear them!

Something good...I'm going to make Valentines with the kids tonight. We're going to send homemade cards to friends and family this year

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