Monday, December 24, 2012

SieSie Christmas Pictures

So I realized a few weeks ago that since her birth I haven't taken pictures of my niece Jessie-Mae. Bad auntie! I took christmas pictures with my kids every year so I decided I needed to get some cute pics of my adorable niece.
We decided to start with all three kids. SieSie looks a lot like Syd did when she was a baby.

I'm fairly convinced this baby only plots world domination. She doesn't smile she just looks at you sideways like she's planning your demise.

She was not exactly thrilled with being a present....

Then I let her eat some lights and all was forgiven.

She is pretty dang cute

Then obviously we needed naked booty pics.
This is the biggest smile this baby will give. Sydnee was practically standing on her head to get her to look remotely pleased.

See???? World domination will be mine!

Something good....I got to buy her the MOST ANNOYING TOY ever!! I love getting to buy annoying toys that won't live at my house!

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