Monday, December 24, 2012

Santa Train 2012

Every year on Dec 23 we go on the Santa Train in Canon City. This is the fourth year we've gone, I look forward to it every year and kinda stress out about finding cute slightly matching christmas pjs for the kids.

The Lewis' couldn't make it this year but Krystal's family and our friend Britney's family came along. I feel like everyone who comes on the train gets added into our yearly group. Eventually we're going to take up an entire train car!

Hot chocolate and sugar cookies!

Beckham is obsessed with trains! The first time we went on the train ride I was constantly chasing him because he had to see every little single detail!

I have found that one way to get kids to smile for pictures is to tell them they can make funny faces later.

Kids spend most of the time just staring out the window
Santa's elves ride with us and sing songs and dance

They also read us stories

My handsome little man, I realized that next year he will probably be too big for footsie pjs :(

I was so incredibly happy to have this man with me.

He was such a trooper! He had a really bad cold and a fever. 

I love my babies!
The conductor came around and punched our tickets

Beckx telling him to hold on because his Mommy wants to take a picture
6 punches cause we're 6 years old

Finally it was time!
We told him what was on our wish list
He gave us a magical sleigh bell
We get sleigh bells every year yet usually within a few days they get lost (not cause Mommy hides them to stop the noise, not that at all)

Daddy photobombed our Santa picture
No worries, Mommy can fix that
We went outside under the Royal Gorge Bridge and saw Rudolph's nose high up on the mountains waiting for when Santa would be done with our train ride.

We LOVE the train!!!
The Rockhold Family

Sydnee and Kayli
We will now call this portion of the program- When Beckham stole Mommy's Camera

He's going to be my new apprentice!
I love my family, I love these memories we make every year!
Something good.... It was truly a perfect night!

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