Monday, December 24, 2012

Cookie Party!

One of the best things about my new job is all the GREAT people girls (plus Jimmie) that I work with. We have craft days each month and we decided to get together on Saturday to have a cookie decorating party.
6 Moms and 10 kids, it was a little chaotic

We learned that you can never have too many sprinkles

Beckx made some really awesome cookies! Look at his stocking.

Hilarity usually ensues when we all get together

The boys

Cookie Coma
Amanda and her kids, DJ and Alyssa

All the girls Left to Right
Julie, Amanda, Mollie, Darlene, Koren, Helen

Julie and her girls, Calli and Emily
Darlene and Leila
Helen and her brood Evan, Jordan, Tristian (I like to say that Helen actually is old mother hubbard and has 10 kids but she only has 4)
My monkeys
I bought Rudolph light up noses cause I'm cool like that

Beckham and Mollie. Beckx was charming all the girls there. Kissing hands and telling them they looked pretty... 

Reindeer Kisses

Something good.... I really am lucky to work with such amazing people. Every night together is a blast!

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