Monday, October 3, 2011

Sydnee baby

Sydnee has officially declared that it's her BIRTHDAY WEEK!! I told her she was allowed to have a birthday weekEND and that doesn't start until Thursday. But I've been working on her baptism video and finding pictures and videos.

It makes me miss my big brown eyed baby. Her huge smile with her one sided dimple. She's almost up to my shoulders, and she's growing up so fast.

Good thing she's still just as sweet!

Something good.... Beckham scored a goal in his soccer game!! Then was so excited he promptly ran off the field (while the game was still going) to give me a hug and kiss

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  1. Seriously!?!? You have an 8 year old (or going to lol) so excited for your cute family and giving you a kiss and a hug could that boy be any cuter?!?