Monday, November 29, 2010

The Sydnee Chronicles. Volume 1

Little miss Sassy has had a few exciting weeks lately....

I'm lucky that this story happened while Ry was taking pictures with my phone.

Sydnee and I were sitting on the couch talking to each other and we happened to scrunch our noses at each other at the same time. Ryan commented at how similar we are, especially the faces we make. Sydnee and I disagreed, so we turned to him and promptly did this....

He started laughing then told us we had the same smile...

Then he said we had the same nose, so we covered up our noses. Then he said we still had the same ears, so Sydnee covered up her ears...

He said it didn't matter cause now we looked really silly....

Sydnee's response was to uncover her ears and say "WHAT DID HE SAY?"

Poor Sass had a scary adventure last week. On Saturday she was complaining that her eye hurt and that evening her eye was pink and gunky. So I assumed she had the start of pink eye. On Sunday she and I stayed home from church and while she was laying on the couch within 5 minutes her eye started doing this...

She had 3 large blood spots appear on her sclera and they were spreading. I have never seen anything like it so we rushed to Urgent Care.
The Dr was completely baffled and called the Opthamologist on call to insist he open up his office on a Sunday and see her. The he brought multiple other Nurses in to see her eye since he had never seen it before.
We met the opthamologist in the parking lot and he checked her out. Her vision in the right eye has 3 large hemorrhages and some slight vision damage. The Dr diagnosed hemorrhagic Adenovirus, also known as Apollo's Disease. The only treatment is time to wait for the body to fight off the virus and for the bruising to go away.
The most amazing part???? IT DOESN'T HURT!!! It looks so painful but she insists it doesn't hurt, and she's fascinated by it she's always looking in a mirror to see it.

But by Monday it had all blended together (which the Dr told me would happen) And she looked even worse!!!

Poor girl, I'm lucky that she didn't have school all Thanksgiving week so she didn't have to miss any school because I was worried other kids would make fun of her. Because even my family started calling her zombie eye. It did look really scary and it's taken over a week to start clearing up.
She's such a little trooper and she doesn't even seem to notice it. I love you Sass!
Something good.... The BEST Harry Potter movie! I LOVED that it actually followed the book!

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