Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oh where oh where is my program???

I remember the first time I ever saw Picture It.... Sydnee was 5 months old and I was at Fawn's house and we were playing on her computer. This photo editing software was unlike anything I had ever seen. I could airbrush and color, switch heads, play with the coloring..... Unheard of editing software at that time. (Wow that makes me sound like I'm talking about walking uphill in the snow to school)

Christian (Fawn's son) and Sydnee were laying on the bed and Fawn and I were so engrossed with this program over the next few days that there was a moment when Sydnee rolled off the bed (Way to go K, Mother of the Year)

I had to have it! This incredible program that I became addicted to! That program lasted through 7 computers! Honestly and that's just me, I don't know how many times Fawn downloaded it herself. There became 1 treasured disk that was passed between states and different people. My computer crashed a few weeks ago and now I have Ry's laptop, but when I went to pull out the amazing disk IT WASN'T THERE!!! I have torn apart my house and it seems to have gone to the program graveyard :(

This means I have not edited pictures in months, because I didn't know how to even begin to move on. I've heard of Picnik, some people swear by it, some don't see what the big deal is about. But after I received my wedding pictures and Halloween I knew it was time to get back on the horse and start dating new editing software. So I paid for 1 month of Picnik (because I don't like to commit easily, just ask Ry) and I've been playing.

The verdict.... there are some really great features and it's still lacking what Picture It could do for me. But for now I can at least use some of the features I like and continue searching for the other features I am missing. So Picnik and I are dating but not exclusive. So if anyone has something in mind, that's special something that makes you happy and is available there is a Married, Mother of two who enjoys late night editing obsessively and is looking for an open relationship.

One thing I do like is the numerous texts available.... and the collages are easy to use, even if I can't resize my pics in the collage

And a look back at only 2 of numerous incredible pictures that Picture It gave to me. I'm going to have program abandonment issues

Something Good.... I haven't found it yet, but I'm going to keep checking Ebay every day until SOMEONE SOMEWHERE sells their copy of that incredible disk. EBAY ROCKS!!!

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