Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

Halloween is one of my favorite months. I love the decorations, the smells, the costumes! We had a really fun month; Pumpkin patch, Ward Trunk or Treat and Trick or Treating, and the weather was actually nice. No snow, unheard of for Colorado! The best way I can describe how much fun we had is through amazing pictures.

These are chronologically backwards but oh well...

Sydnee was a Renaissance Princess. Her favorite part was getting to wear make-up. She was so pretty!

Have to LOVE her pink sneakers! Cinderella could've run faster if she had these on

I told her to act like a Queen...

AArrgh! This be Jack Beckham Sparrow! An he be a swashbuckling pirate

A lot of people didn't even recognize him, until he started talking

Yohoho! He even talked like a pirate for days! And called himself Jack Sparrow

The pirate is holding the beautiful princess hostage!

Baby Morgan (Lisa's baby girl) is adorable! I LOVED taking these pictures! She is one of my frequent photography subject

Bright blue eyes

How absolutely adorable is this?

Sydnee, Beckham, Morgan, Ryan (the robot) and Gavin (the grapes) sitting on the front porch for our annual before trick or treating picture

At our Ward Trunk or Treat. Beckham Loved the haunted house!

Sydnee's Fall Party at school

Primary Program at church. Sydnee memorized all her parts and sang every song perfectly! Beckham provided percussion with his buttons on his jacket banging in tempo with every song! The best part was when Becks and the other Sunbeams walked around the chapel holding pictures of the Prophets during the Follow the Prophet song! It was so adorable!!!

The Pumpkin Patch! It's a tradition that we go every year with the Lewis Family. (Although let's be honest I do everything with the Lewis Family)

Pumpkin baby Morgan and her Mommy Lisa

Ry took all the kids on a hayride

We kept telling the kids to put the pumpkins they found into a pile, they found a lot of pumpkins

Charming Becks. This picture is totally his Daddy's face!

Beckham and Gavin, they are always mischievous when they're together

Sassy with her pumpkin

Handsome boy

My babies are actually great friends! I pray it stays that way!

The kid crew; Gavin, Sydnee, Ryan, and Becks

Something good......Twix bars in endless supply!

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