Monday, November 8, 2010

Giggle from Beckham...Volume 1

Beckham is at the age where he says the FUNNIEST things! I thought that since I was his Mommy I just overly thought he was so funny and clever! But yesterday when I picked him up from Sundbeams at church his teachers said the same things, and many people crack up at the things this little boy says. So since this is kinda my family blog I decided to start a recurring segment dedicated to his moments that make me giggle!

The Primary program was a few weeks ago and even though Beckham didn't sing and played the whole time I guess he did learn something.

My Mom had taken him to the park and they were playing inside some big tubes, Nana turned to Beckham and said let's play follow the leader....

Beckham turned to her and said "NO Nana, It's FOLLOW THE PROPHET!"

Well at least I'm teaching him right.
Something good.... My new favorite thing he says after watching Toy Story 3.... "Omeo Omeo nananana Omeo?" My 3 year old quotes Shakespeare!

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