Tuesday, June 19, 2012

iPhone Purge

And by purge I mean so many pictures it's slightly ridiculous... Let's try one liners to explain

How I feel about video games

Work with Mommy

Makes me happy 

Direct quote "I'm a stud!"

Syd is usually not amused by me

Love him!

Mommy wouldn't put his hair into a Mohawk

My goal for this past year was to spend more 1:1 time with him

Krystal bday dinner night 

They were cold in 70 degree weather

Motorcycle rides with PopPop


Love her!! 

Grandparent breakfast day

She's so pretty 

Fluffy teddy bear

Get me out of here

Transformers Mohawk hat

"I'm mad at you Mommy!"

Rockin the 3D glasses

I'm batman

From blonde to red 

Girls night out 

Best $70 Craigslist find EVER! 

Roadtrip... Mission complete
Buddy, you need to stop letting your sister talk you into things

American Idiot 

Bright red to dark red

Easter adorableness

I could be an XMen

Horseback riding lessons

Proving he has more balance than his sister

He doesn't like when I put him in timeout

He told me he hadn't snuggled me enough lately

Don't know what he was asking for but I'm sure I gave in

Outside fire

Reading books to brother

Mothers Day perfection

Sometimes I have trouble sharing space at work

Breakfast with Allyon

2 year old Morgan, wearing one of Sydnee's outfits... made me cry

Never looks at the camera


Please don't make us go to bed early

Makin Waffles

More teddy bear 

Rin and Li (oh yeah, hair back to natural)

This happened while there was a babysitter here

Swimming with the Jensen's

Love Joyana!

Krystal bday

Weird lighting, hot date

It's finally finding that missing piece

Permanent Memo RN, Orientation sucks 

That ribbon is coming off immediately

Coke, feet up, love...Complete

Something good... Dream job

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