Sunday, June 24, 2012

Burning up

If anyone has ever had the immense pleasure of coming to visit my family in Colorado Springs chances are we went to Garden of the Gods. I love having picnics and hiking there and we tend to go quite often. Sadly yesterday as we were driving around we noticed one plume of smoke off near the mountains, the kids commented on it and we moved on. I went into a store and when I walked out it looked like a nuclear weapon had exploded out of Garden of the Gods. A huge fire has broken out just west of Colorado Springs in Waldo Canyon. I was "lucky" enough to be called into work at 2am this morning and got to witness the spectacle from the 6th floor of the hospital. The orange moon and sky turned to what looked like is fog and cold, when actually it is 100 degrees, dry and filled with smoke. My kids, although I haven't allowed them to play outside, have been occasionally coughing and I know my eyes have been burning all day. The forecast for my portion of colorful Colorado is only heat and dry for the next week. Huge parts of Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs have been evacuated as ash is also falling like snow in the area. So far the fire is 2,500 acres and 0% contained. Yikes! We're basically riveted to the TV watching as it just grows and grows. Knowing it's taking out some of the most beautiful forests. We live in the NorthEast part of the Springs while this fire is in the SouthWest so we aren't in any danger at our home, but one of my favorite parts of living here is being destroyed. In the picture above quite literally all of the area Sydnee is looking at is evacuated and on fire.

Something good... They've finally declared this an emergency so reinforcements are on their way

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