Monday, July 18, 2011


You know when you get a head cold and it doesn't go away.... for weeks? Yeah that's where I am, it's causing a lot of pressure, a lot of pain, I'm exhausted and on and on.

Good thing my kiddos are so sweet to me. I'm laying in bed and Sydnee asks if she can rub my feet with lotion.... well you don't have to twist my arm

(Beckham of course had to be part of the action)

Little boys don't have very long attention spans and within minutes he was goofing off

Syd then climbed into bed to read with Mommy, we also shared a bowl of popcorn. Perfect moment

Beckham then got sick, so he and I have been laying around on the couch buddies. He has been sleeping with me since Sydnee mentioned that he had woken up coughing and crying the night before and his room is too far away for me to hear him (that's my least favorite thing about my house, the seperation of the rooms)

He was so cute when he was asleep that I had to take a picture. Then I realized I had taken some pics of Syd sleeping a few weeks ago. No matter how bad a day, how frustrated they may make me, or whatever is going on, seeing my kids sleeping just melts my heart

Something good.... lots and lots of orange juice!


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