Thursday, July 7, 2011


I've lived in CO for 5 years, yet still I miss my friends. The girls you grow up with, where no matter how long it has been, once you see each other it's right back to what it was. The girls who encourage and inspire, you kept each other out of trouble in high school. Were bridesmaids at each others weddings, and you cried a little at the reception. You can name their children's birthdays, and in general these are the girls who you will always love. I haven't really made friends in CO. A lot of that is my fault, but I do feel left out sometimes. I want to be a part of their little group, but in the meantime, I will just cherish the friends I have, even if they are far away.

Sorry Sean, but you were totally part of my group. And your wife is great and so now I miss you both

My Spring

My fab four

Something good.... text messaging and facebook help out a lot with staying in touch!


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  1. LOVED this! and to be in some of the pictures makes me feel special! I am right there with in Idaho I have yet to make any real close friends. I treasure the moments I get to go back to AZ to see my real friends! I am SOOO grateful to have blogs and facebook to semi keep in contact...although I always wish I was better at it! Love ya girl!