Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Red, White and Blue

I love the 4th of July. It's warm, I don't have to buy presents, I just get to plan a relaxing day where we all stuff our faces and let our kids run around crazy, followed by an entertaining fireworks show and sugar hyped kids. I actually really look forward to it and took half of the day off. We seem to be splitting our 4th of Julys, one year we stay in Colorado, the other year we go to Blanding, UT. Blanding actually has the best parade, carnival, melodrama, and fireworks show ever. And I usually get to spend quality time with Brea in Blanding. But we did that last year, so Lisa made me promise that this year would be a Colorado Springs year.

Becks and our flag

He doesn't always look at the camera, he will smile but will look to the side. And I'm constantly saying "Beckham look at me!" and he always screams back "I'm AM!" this is a not so happy with Mommy and the camera face....

There's a way to get him to look, have Sydnee lock him up

I made her dress and I LOVE it!

I braided and put flowers in her hair, she looked in the mirror and decided she was the Princess of 4th of July. She's so beautiful

The party and the Lewis'. Krystal and her kids came this year too.

Ryan, Kayli and Sydnee

The kids; Sydnee, Ryan, Kayli, Beckham, Gavin and Logan

Becks is a pirate

Ry and I

Krystal and James

The best part of this photo is that James put his hand on Ryan's knee which is why we're all laughing

Beckham enjoyed the blue cupcakes, his mouth was blue all day

The Lewis kids

Ryan, Gavin and Morgan

My Red, White and Blue kids

They're so adorable

I enjoy self portraits

Me and Li, she was running around being a proper host all day. She's started her new traveling job so I won't get to play with her as often anymore :(

The kids got to play with poppers

Ryan and Sydnee, our traditional picture of them together

Gavin and Beckham, actually with 2 little blonde boys both wearing white shirts running around all day I had to take a second look a few times to differ between them

Li and Morgan

We're all mostly looking at the camera and smiling

There is a HUGE burn ban in Colorado right now..... but Chad doesn't seem to listen to that. He's been traveling for work and got a massive stash. We had to go home early so I could get some sleep before work. But Chad let Syd light one. He's the greatest almost Uncle!

Something good.... Beckham went to his first "Real" boy movie and saw Transformers with Ryan. He fell asleep about 45 min before the end, but he LOVED it! He's growing up


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  1. I LOVE the 4th of July too! Your kids look so CUTE & festive.

    PS. I want YOUR HAIR!