Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First day of school

 I've been having a slight panic attack for the past week realizing that school is about to start, actually technically it's been more about the fact that Beckham is going to school. He's my baby, and he still seems so young and small to be going to school.

Well the dreaded and anticipated day finally came, we started our morning with the traditional cinnamon rolls, lovingly hand made by Cinnabon.

As we were taking the traditional standing at the door pictures I kept having flashbacks to previous first days of school and how quickly my babies have grown.

Sydnee Preschool


1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

Sydnee asked this year if she could pick out her entire outfit. Including Twinkle Toes shoes (which she was practically drooling over) bracelet, necklace. She made sure the whole thing matched "but it's too matchy." I swear I now have a tween, she's going to figure out who Justin Beiber is any second and then my life will be over.

She is so amazingly pretty, I am so proud of her!

Looking back at old pictures I also realized that this past year she has developed freckles on her cheeks and nose. 

 I literally have been dying over the thought of Becks going into Kindergarten. We had tried to get him into all day Kindergarten and 2 days before school they finally told us we were accepted, but then they didn't have him in a class when it was meet the teacher night. So the first day of school I was basically going to be handing my baby over to a stranger for 8 hours and hoping he would be okay. Add to my stress that he kept telling me over and over the night before school started how nervous he was. I almost kept him home and homeschooled him!!

This is last year, Beckham's first day of Preschool

It might be sad, but thank goodness he hasn't grown too much. Although still given the choice he wants his hair in a mowhawk.

 I found a couple pictures of the kids together a few of the years, I should really make sure to get a picture of them together every year.




I walked Becks to his class this morning not knowing if I should be sad or happy. He's been my little sidekick for so long. I really tried last year to spend as much time as I could with him. I started working in the hospital when he was 5 months old, nursing school when he was 1, and once I graduated I was working 50-60 hrs/week. So I finally cut back my hours to make sure he and I really had some special time together before he started school. I actually felt like a piece of me was missing today without having Beckham with me everywhere I went.

The whole time we were waiting for school to start Beckham kept kissing my hand telling me he loved me. And then he would whisper and talk to himself, reassuring "this is just another adventure." It really just about broke my heart to see how brave he was trying to be.

This was our sad we won't be together faces.

Sydnee first day walking into Kindergarten

Beckham first day walking into Kindergarten

We put our backpack away

Found our seat

I'm ready to go Mommy

I sobbed on my way to the car. Big huge crocodile tears and hiccups because I was trying to hold back and not scare all the other people around me. Thankfully my friend Joyana who was also taking her baby boy to Kindergarten gave me strict instructions that we were going to the gym as soon as the kids were in school. Totally saved me from spending a day wallowing on my couch.

Then, something magical happened. I had a WHOLE day to do whatever I wanted. After the gym, I was able to get ready for the day undistracted, I even put on a necklace and wedges! Joyana invited me to a Mommy lunch to celebrate.

I ate an entire meal and didn't have to entertain a child, or cut up food, I just sat back and talked.

It was AMAZING! We decided to share a dessert (seeing as how we had just worked our butts off at the gym probably not completely smart but we were celebrating) White Chocolate Bread Pudding was so good we were literally licking the sauce off the plate!

I think I could get used to this.

Something good... I didn't get a phone call in the middle of the day telling me my son was out of control and destroying the room like Godzilla. (I was half expecting it)


  1. So I loved the line, "and then something magical happened". Two of mine have there back to school on the fourth. Looking at becks and sass on their first days of school I thought man they look so little, surely you can't let them go to school by themselves. I guess it's because I am dreading sending yet another one. I just pray that something magical happens for me too that day. Feeling super sad about it. At any rate happy birthday week!!!! Hope it's just fabulous girly girl.

  2. I have missed reading and Syd has turned in to a little grown up-- wow! She is beautiful! My pirate is growing too! Miss seeing you and your little ones and we live in the same town! How crazy is that!