Monday, October 25, 2010


Welcome! Here we go again...

Alright peeps, new blog, same crazy chick. So let's see where we go with this one. I've realized that I need to keep a journal for myself and posterity (haha like my posterity is going to be interested in what I have to say) So we'll just say it's for me, and you Mom cause I know you blog stalk me. Well here's the thing, I read a lot of my friends blogs and their lives all seem so perfect and I feel like I must be lacking something because my world is far from perfect! But maybe, there's the front we show and how it really is. Or maybe I really am the only one who struggles, either way. Let's embrace that difference shall we? So here comes honesty, and probably a lot of info into me that you may not want to know. Oh well, read at your own risk, or at the very least for entertainment into my mind.

Keeping up the tradition

Something good.... I may not have posted for a very long time and while I am sitting here I can say that I now have an RN behind my name! Go me!!!

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